ITC is the world’s most diversified range supplier of high purity colours for food and cosmetic markets. In addition to supplying synthetic dyes and lakes we offer a range of colours derived from natural sources. Our objective is to supply our clients with the best of both worlds. We supply quality products along with unparalleled technical and customer service. We export to companies throughout the world through a distributor network.
Technical Service Facilities
ITC has a well-equipped Technical Service Laboratory staffed by experienced technologies. These facilities are available to assist you in solving problems, which may arise during the use of food and cosmetic colours. This service is confidential and we welcome enquiries from our customers.
International Food Color Regulations
Most countries restrict the use of colors in foods by publishing permitted lists of colors together with purity specifications.
ITC will advise customers on colors regulations.

The beverage industry is the biggest user of food colors. Almost all color shades can be found worldwide and the main ones are brown, red, orange and yellow. Natural colors are commonly used and this natural trend has become of increasing importance. Many natural colors are suitable for beverage applications such as soft drinks, dilutables and alcoholic drinks, and are able to withstand standard technological treatments and storage conditions.

ITC has a wide range of natural colors which are suitable for beverage systems. With our products beverage manufacturers can obtain all color shades with orange, red purple & yellow and our BevColors are a good solution for cloudy beverages. Our technical experts can help recommend exactly the right color for any beverage application.
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