One of the most difficult steps in the manufacturing of color cosmetics is preparing the pigment dispersion. This process is time consuming and requires substantial capital investment in trained personnel and grinding machinery such as three roll mills. Dispersing a pigment correctly prevents color variation, separation and instability.

Legal provisions

Varnalite colorants meet the
Following legal provisions:
Additive Licensing
Regulation of 08.25.82
Including amendment of 02.21.83.

Additive Trade Regulation of 07.10.84
(purity requirements of colorants)

In the EEC:
EEC Directive for Coloring Substances which may be used in cosmetics of 12.12.77 including amendment of 06.24.81

EEC Directive for coloring substances which may be used in Feedstuffs of 10.23.62, including amendment of 01.20.81
Varnalite products are
Cosmetic colorants from ITC.
The range includes water – soluble
Dyes, insoluble color lakes and iron Oxides of particularly
high analytical Purity.

In selecting colorants,
it is necessary to take into account:

- Physical properties
- Legal provisions
- The fastness of the colorant in the substrate

Product range
• Water – soluble dyes
• Color lakes
• Iron oxides

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