The data are summarized in Tables

The tests are carried out under the following conditions:

Light fastness

The light fastness is determined, in the case of water – soluble dyes in aqueous solution and in the case of color lakes and iron oxides in nitrocellulose, against the 8 – step
wool scale (DIN 54 004) where 8 denotes the best light fastness.

It is to be noted that the light fastness of the colorant can be affected by the substrate.


The data denote: g of colorant in 1000g of solvent.
A solution prepared in accordance with the data in Table 1 exhibits no precipitate after 24 hours at 20 C.

Acid and alkali resistance

Tested in various acid and alkali concentrations. The data relate to a 24-hour test of the colorant. The assessments have the following significance.

Very good = resistant in 10% strength hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate solution.

Good = resistant 1% strength hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate solution.

Satisfactory = resistant 0.1% strength hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate solution.

Moderate = resistant 0.01% strength hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate solution.

Poor = not resistant in 0.01% strength hydrochloric acid and sodium carbonate solution.

Heat resistance

The colorant is tested in the form pf a powder. The figure stated is the highest temperature at which no coloristic change occurs in 4 hours .
The effect of the substrate on the temperature resistance of the colorant must be taken in to account.


The specifications and analytical methods of the Varnacol/Varnalite grades are available on request.


Water – soluble dyes are generally used in the form of aqueous solutions. Here it must be taken into account that the solubility in
hard water is lower than in demineralized water.

If dry mixtures are colored, the colorant should be mixed beforehand into an aliquot of the product.


The water- soluble Varnacol dyes are miscible in any proportion, as are the insoluble Varnalite color lakes and the insoluble Varnalite iron oxides.

Form supplied

For specific applications, some products are available in other forms, for example as pastes or granules.


The powders have a virtually unlimited shelf life, provided they are kept cool and dry in sealed vessels.


The colorants mentioned herein have no known adverse effects, if property used.

If handled correctly with due attention to the safety and industrial hygiene precautions necessary in handling chemicals and to the instructions and directions contained in
our safety data sheets, these colorants cause no deleterious effects according to our past experience and the information available to us.

Please Note
The directions given in this publication are to the best of our present knowledge. Owing to the large number of possible factors in the processing and application of our products, they do not release the processor from the obligation to carry out his own tests and trials. No legally binding assurance of certain properties or of the suitability for a specific use may be derived from our directions. Any property rights and existing rules and regulations must be heeded by the recipient of our products on his own authority.

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